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Channeling Spirits
Channelling or channeling is the act of allowing a spiritual entity to take control of your body and speak through you, or at least that's what New Agers, spiritualists and similar types would have you believe. In reality it is usually just bad acting, sometimes combined with a bit of cold reading to impress the rubes. Channeled characters often take the form of either a mark's departed loved one or a long-dead alleged guru.
Everyday English and Guitar
Hello! My name is Eric Andrew Thorson. I teach ESL and guitar VIA Skype. If you are interested in learning, improving and increasing your skills in English as a Second language, you’ve come to the right place.

I am currently living in Japan with my family. We have our own business teaching English and guitar. Our business is called Everyday English and Guitar School, located in Niigata Japan.

We offer a very unique way of learning English! We allow the students to submit the kinds of lessons they want. The students can also customize how many lessons they want each week and the students can offer suggestions or user submitted lesson content. It’s up to you!
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Special Live Performance this Valentines Day 2020
Special Live Performance this Valentine’s Day 2020
Come join the party at 12:00pm,
Time zone in Tokyo, Japan (GMT+9)
25 Traditional Irish Songs for Classical Guitar!
Relaxing, Soothing Back Ground Music
To Study, Sleep and to Chew by!
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01/14/2020 Standard Tokyo Time (GMT+9)

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BG PVP 11/15 Ragnarok 10x/10m/ORP/AntiMesh/Kits - (v303.5)
Great way to get started in Ark! Fun and easy server that's very generous with drops! Come join my tripe at sacred egoism! See you there!
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