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CMP Episode 108: Today’s Mystery story: Lady, the wonder Horse
Did you solve it? Does Lady, the wonder horse have ESP? Go watch the episode again and let me know in the chat box below, what the solution is!
Happy Detecting!
Everyday English and Guitar
Hello! My name is Eric Andrew Thorson. I teach ESL and guitar VIA Skype. If you are interested in learning, improving and increasing your skills in English as a Second language, you’ve come to the right place.

I am currently living in Japan with my family. We have our own business teaching English and guitar. Our business is called Everyday English and Guitar School, located in Niigata Japan.

We offer a very unique way of learning English! We allow the students to submit the kinds of lessons they want. The students can also customize how many lessons they want each week and the students can offer suggestions or user submitted lesson content. It’s up to you!
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Join us live for our daily broadcasts, THREE TIMES A DAY! We stream games, live guitar performances and much more!
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Special Live Performance this Thanksgiving the 28th!
Special Live Performance this Thanksgiving!
Come join the party at 12:00pm,
Time zone in Tokyo, Japan (GMT+9)
20 Popular Hymns for the Classical Guitar!
Relaxing, Soothing Back Ground Music
To Study, Sleep and to Chew by!
See you then!
11/28/2019 Standard Tokyo Time (GMT+9)