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Yo, what up? My name is Exalted (Ex or X for short). People usually call me different names depending on what I'm doing. 'Back in my day...' we didn't have all this social bullshit that we have today, so I'd make up different names for everything. Most likely though, you'll hear me called Pyro - thats the mage I used to main back when I used to play WoW pretty hardcore and it stuck over the years.

I mainly just make music and play video games. Streams are usually pretty goal oriented, as in, I have things I want to accomplish each stream. I take breaks to eat, sleep, and shit like a normal person. I hate notifications and flashy stuff all over the place, so I'm keeping things pretty minimalistic for my own sanity.

Rules are simple. Don't Spam. Abide by the ToS. You're free to express your thoughts/opinions but remember that they are just that.

I've been on D-Live since it was on the Steem Blockchain, but never really streamed until recently.
I make music that originates in rap/hip-hop but as of late tends to be more on the chill/soul side. I dabbled into some experimental electronic stuff for a bit. It's all available pretty much everywhere:

Spotify: https://spotify.xlt1.com
Google Play: https://play.xlt1.com
iTunes: https://itunes.xlt1.com
Amazon: https://amazon.xlt1.com
Tidal: https://tidal.xlt1.com
Napster: https://napster.xlt1.com
Deezer: https://deezer.xlt1.com
I don't really post too much on these other than to troll or stuff involving my music.

Twitter: http://twitter.xlt1.com
Instagram: http://ig.xlt1.com

I also love making highlight videos on Youtube. So i'll put that here too: