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Welcome to Ethernals Esports (DLive)
We are an E-sport Clan Where helping others to grow their gaming skills and perspective .

Halloween Event :

1,000 Lemons Distribution !!

Rules :
1. Follow Our Dlive Channel.
2. Active Comment on the chat.
3. Once chest fill with 1,000 Lemons , We will announce to open it.
4. 30 Seconds extra time for all viewer to refresh their client in order to get the chest reward.

Tips & Hint :

- As you can see , at Dlive people that stay long and engage or comment the most will receive higher profit from the chest. that why people are spamming it.

- Its like Mining ALT coin. the more miner the faster the payout. So in DLIVE , the more people comment in the chat box the faster chest will fill out. then PAYOUT begin !!

So dont waste precious time guys, fo those wanna farm using mobile version its easy than Desktop version and you can do it while sleeping too.

Contact Us to Find out How.
DLive Treasure Chest Guide
DLive Is a Unique Streaming platform where the viewer will get rewarded for watching and react on their favorite streamer.

These simple Question & Answer should help you walk through DLive Treasure Hunt .

Q : So how do you earn from DLive as Viewer?
A : Simple !! all you need to do is to watch and react on the chat section there.

Q : I still don't get it how was that ?
A : As you can see at the screen there will be a treasure box . When Streamer decide to open the box , All LEMONs inside the chest will be distributed .

Q : So streamer will also get the distributed from chest?
A : No, They will get lemons or BTT from viewers GIFT or Donation . That why DLive have the unique Community sytem where you only need to spend time here to get some extra cash.

Q : The Chest filling really slow, any idea how to speed it up?
A : Actually, to get the treasure chest fill in really quick you need to build up a community where people will interact often in the chat. The more viewer post in the chat the faster the chest fill in.

So these simple Q&A would help you guys out. You all also can join in our TREASURE HUNTING CHANNEL by following us so that you wouldn't miss our Treasure Hunting Stream.