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About Me!
Part time streamer, just having fun with the Fucking Not Good (FNG) crew.

Channel uses high amounts of foul language and dark humour. If this is not your style then please move along. With this being said we try and create a positive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Remember if you don't judge me I won't judge you.
I do this only as a hobby so the schedule is not strict.

Times are usually 8:30pm to 10:30pm Monday to Friday (Australian Central Standard Time).

Weekends happen if they happen.
Chat Commands + Loyalty Points!
I currently use the Streamlabs Cloudbot chat function, bringing in a bunch of commands to hopefully keep you entertained during all the silence.

By watching and interacting with this channel you accumulate Feet-Pix Points aka FPP (you will know why if you watch the stream long enough). Currently you will only be able to use these points to play mini games and interact in bets.

Displays the amount of FPP you have.

Displays a list of Top users based on the amount FPP they have.
You could be #1, who knows?


You can give your own FPP to another user.
eg: !give <name> <amount>

Why not go on a heist with other users and see if you can gain more FPP!

From time to time I will start a bet in which you can try your luck double any FPP you bet.

The minimum bet is 1 FPP and the maximum bet is 100 FPP. You can only use the command once the bet has been created by me. Once the bet has been created you will have 90 seconds to place your bet.

eg: !bet <amount> <option>

Check what you are currently betting on!

Ask the magic 8ball. Might be worth consulting it before placing your bets!

Play the pokies maaaaateeeee!

Duel other users fro more FPP. Once a duel is initiated against another user they will have to respond by using either !accept or !deny. If you have initiated a duel by mistake you can use !cancel to stop it.