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My goal as a streamer is to provide entertaining gameplay (good or bad, depending on what I'm playing) in a positive, fun, friendly and humorous environment. I work hard to make my streams interesting, original, and interactive. Streams tend to be high on saltiness, curses, and smiles. It's my hope that whatever it is you're into, you'll find my streams entertaining and walk away with a chuckle and a smile.
Donations are NEVER necessary, but ALWAYS appreciated and valued. All donations will go toward stream improvement, equipment, games, etc!

Anyone who donates will receive acknowledgement (on stream, twitter, and on my info page), my eternal gratitude, and a future guardianship of my first born.

You can donate to the stream at https://streamlabs.com/mighty_fahl/tip .
Go to https://discord.gg/zMk6pzF to visit my discord community, the Salt Squad! Discord is one of the best places to hang out to check info on the stream, schedule changes, games being streamed, keep up on the latest news on stuff going on in my life, chat with the Mod team and the Salt Squad community, and share deep philosophical musings on the nature of beards.
Go to https://twitter.com/Mighty_Fahl to follow me on twitter where I can be reached for extra contact, news, and updates. Schedule changes, stream issues and unscheduled broadcasts will be announced there, as well as whatever random nonsense I decide to bother people with.
This section will frequently change and be updated depending on the games showing up on my stream.

Completed playthroughs:
~~The Witcher 3~~
Rules for the chat are pretty simple and basic. If you don't respect the rules, you're gonna have a bad time.

No isms. If you are prejudice against anyone based upon their race, gender, sexual orientation, or other random isms, go talk about it somewhere else. This isn't the place for that shit. The only prejudice we embrace here is prejudice against stupid people. Stupid bashing is acceptable.

No SJW's. If you are a Social Justice Warrior or a white knight and you feel the need to champion a cause, take your sensitive ass elsewhere. While I'm not okay with prejudice behavior, I am going to say all manner of insensitive and politically incorrect, fucked up things that most SJW and fake as fuck people will get butt-hurt by. If that offends you, the back button is that way <------.

I appreciate a good natured, friendly trolling as much as anyone. Hell, friendly trolling is a major part of this channel. But be aware the line between a friendly trolling for funsies and just being an outright disrespectful cunt is a fine one. On the other side of the jackass line are rabidly defensive and fiercely loyal mods with a whole lot of hammers. They'll get upset by shit antics before I do, and you don't want them upset.
Keep the trolling fun, please, and none of us will have a bad time.

Wash your hands, you filthy fuck. Just...wash your hands.