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Welcome to my channel! Please read all the panel texts and sit back relax and enjoy the streams!
Who is FallenAngel?
Just a southern girl wanting to speak her mind and thinking outside the box! Fallen angels are those who currently going through rough times or has had a bad past normally someone who has a lot of inner beauty and some external beauty.

I LOVE to help out others from giving advice to lending an ear to those who may not have a person to listen to them.

Also I love the paranormal!! I am spiritually gifted just in the last couple years I have found out about this.

I love to explore and show the world thru my eyes and my opinions.

Not only do I do panel chat streams...
I do a LOT of streams which vary from informational to opinion and even paranormal to name a few that I do:

Wing Talk
Spirit Whisperer
Magic of...
Thankful for...
And so many more!
This schedule is when I would expect to be online! It depends on a few factors behind the scenes so check back often to see if I am going to be live! I may go live at a different time, but please be patient.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
from 10 pm - 5 am EST

Saturday night thru Sunday morning
10pm-10am EST
Please take into consideration in my chats:

1. No name calling to anyone including host, panels, moderators, and other viewers.

2. I like to encourage for everyone to support each other, but I am not a follow for follow streamer please don't ask or beg for follows here.

3. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please do not treat others as stupid or put someone down because your opinion is different than others.

4. This is a welcoming channel to everyone please leave arguments that started outside of chat out of my channel.

5. The chest will be opened when I decide to open it! Please do not ask me to open it. Smae goes for people becoming moderators!

6. I can only read and speak in English and I LOVE to interact with my chat so please do your best to chat in English!

There will be a warning either by host or moderator. If this persists, the messages will be deleted and person timed out....if its the third time happens you will be muted.

Hateful, racist, or otherwise mean comments will be immediately removed and person banned!
If you would like to donate...
Everyone can talk about subjects given on any streams and hang out keep updated on my streams here on DLIVE!!!
One of my hobbies is transforming pictures and making computer graphics for different kinds of social media! Check them out!