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According to the Urban Dictionary, fallen angels are people who have been jaded by life but has not let it destroy their inner beauty or compassion. They still believe in mankind and will go above and beyond for friends and family.
Welcome to my channel! Please read all the panel texts and sit back relax and enjoy the streams!
During this pandemic, the schedule for my streams is when I am able to stream right now.
1. No name calling or hate of any kind
2. No self promoting unless the host is asked first.
3. No spamming-stickers or otherwise.
4. Please respect host AND moderators in the chat.
5. Do not bring issues into the stream that do not pertain to the host. Issues that are not about the stream should not be brought into the stream.

If warned by host or moderator and is still breaking the rules, there will be a time out.
If warned more than three times and has been timed out, the person breaking the rules will be muted.
I am just a quiet woman the southern region of the United States. I have been on Dlive as a supporter since May 2019 and started streaming December 5, 2019. I love the paranormal, gaming, and chatting! I love to connect with others and make friends as well!
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