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Welcome to the channel and thanks for viewing!

My name is Fecky and I come from Northern Ireland.
I'm a variety streamer and play anything that is fun.

I love streaming because it allows me to meet like minded people and I enjoy anyone that has a dark sense of humour.

I stream mostly from PC but I do play on console too.

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At present, I stream 3 times a week here on dlive.

You can watch the stream live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10pm (GMT)

I'm normally very consistent with these stream days and times. However changes to the schedule can occur including additional bonus streams.

The best way to be notified of any changes, is to either follow me on twitter or by joining the Feckers discord.

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For those who prefer to donate using paypal instead of lino: https://streamlabs.com/feckytv
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I am a co founder and proud member of the stream team, The Live Hive.

We are a family of gamers and streamers who have a passion for supporting excellent content creators.