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Aryans have nothing to do with white people. Nazis were actually Ashkenazis
the alt-right, duginism and anything else claiming to be "a movement for white people" is all stratagem to trick you by the same people who have always been trying to destroy us even before that fairy tale Jesus. It's all a lie so to specifically target those in their way of the NWO agenda.

This is just one of the many lies that are concreted in time as fact.

Destroying their lies is one of my hobbies.

Henry Ford said -the only thing they fear is the truth

Figuring out that "they" or "them" includes many but all follow Middle Eastern People's [semites] philosophy, ideology & tactics.

Beware of the destroyers, authoritarians & posers on all sides. You may think because you side with any one of them you're all good and not just as completely screwed as their enemies. They aren't on your side dumby, no one is.
What 2 groups who are directly and immediately trying to destroy white people and counties and who we 'All' are NOT Allowed to publicly talk about & criticize ?
Wake up

Anti-Semitism is an erroneous term with an intentionally deceptive & inaccurate Fascist ADL SPLC NWO propagandist's definition.

Semite is a person that speaks
Arabic, Hebrew, Turnkish, North and East African, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, Persian etc languages.
all of which originate from 4 core ME languages...
& Aramaic.

Both Arabic and Hebrew are the very similar because of this reason.

No one Middle East group owns this term !

In my research I've come to find that the weaponized term is really to denote the speaking against the group of people that sit above the rest of the world's people like a royal ruling class.
IMEO it's where Aryan (Age of Aries & Nobel class) comes from and means today...Even though many who use this
word do not and probably will never understand the true definition by the origins, derivation and etymology and will likely stick with the Propagandist's terms.

Also the term "Racist" was created by the Zealot Bolsheviks that murdered more than (((60 Million European Christians in the Ukrainian Holodomor well before the other stratagem that came later...

The term was coined by the one and only Vladimir Lenin to be used as a weapon against Nationalists, the Poor, real Europeans, dissidents but exclusively for the "Europeans" who these people Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Troksky etc etc had nothing but disdain and hate for.
-Read some quotes from them during the Holodomor while they were murdering double digit Millions of Women and Children...

This is how they hide their evils and atrocities throughout the ages.
These are not their first countries they've destroyed on purpose or the "Millions of People they've killed in service to their Zealot and overt anti-human ideology.

Protip: Nazi comes from the word
They infact made up the majority of the 1933-1945 National Socialist German Worker's Party aka nazi party.
Hitler was a mischling
and everything we have been taught about WW2 is a lie to create one Country & hasten the fulfillment of the zealot prophecies which mean end times for everyone else....

Now beyond being able to freely point out absolute facts about who does what, this specific group acts like and is supported as being above reproach,
they are not, no one is.
This is final.

GAO (Government Accountability Office)
direct quote.
"Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage operations against the United States of any U.S. ally.”

SEC (Security Elections Commission)
"All 'Put Options' before and on 9/11 (September 11th 2001 World Trade Center False Flag Operation)
Came from Israel"
"Put options are not really insider trading, merely foreknowledge of events"

Jeffrey Epstein worked for Israel's Mossad and pimped out minors (children) to Presidents, Princes and many other high ranking powerful people
around the world to use as "Blackmail" against people in power to bend them to the Kosher Nosetra's will.
This is one way most people in power are Blackmailed into being puppets.

Roy Cohn who did exactly what Jeffrey Epstein did, he also Groomed Donald J. Trump from the 70's and was part of the JMafia with heavy zionist Israeli influence.
Roy Cohn advised more than just President Donald J. Trump. [11 Presidents]
Kissinger is another long term advisor for the US Gov.

JFK was murdered by this Cabal,
so was his brother... and many more

--Dimona & NPT nukes #samsonoption, ZOA/AIPAC/FARA, CIA, MIC, Numec, Deep State, Shadow Government--

There are many more facts about this group who has control one way or another over everything and everyone
'You're not allowed to talk about this power and corruption'

-------------Ever wonder why ???

Why are we in Iraq, Did Iraq do 9/11 ?
Syria or Libya neither.
Big Pharm opium & oil are 2 reasons
Now the Sunni Noahide kingdoms proxy terrorist groups control many areas in these and surrounding countries like {{{Afghanistan.}}}

Who benefits from the Wars, Lies, fake WMDs, Weapon sales, "Terrorism"
etc etc. ?

Who is ISIS and why do these state sponsored terrorists never attack Israel or Saudi Arabia ?
How about why does Israel openly medically treat wounded ISIS soldiers among that train, fund, protect, arm etc etc ?

Did you know that Hamas was created by Israel & Mossad ?

Did you know that the Israeli etc Lobbies in the US, UK, NZ, Australia, Canada etc etc are the biggest most powerful Lobbies in the Countries easily surpassing Oil, Tech, Military, Corporations...
They pale in comparison against the Israel, Religious, Noahide, NWO, Globalist, anti-Liberty-Speech,thought police Lobbies.
There are many!

Protip; These lobbying groups make up the majority of 'Campaign Financing' on both political sides in nearly every country. But especially the US, UK, Australia, Canada, NZ where more than 70% of all Campaign money etc comes from this Cabal each election cycle.

This is a few, but it is way worse than this and since platforms like DLIVE, Twitter, YouTube etc etc are "owned" by these people it's much much much worse than most realize.

There is a WAR against regular European people.

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(educational purposes)

*Censored on every corporate/gov tech military industrial complex globalist fascist platform*

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