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Welcome to the home of the Goddess of the Hunt FirexArtemisx. If you hit that follow button, welcome to the Artemis Champions! May my bow aid you in battle, and may the odds ever be in your favor! I am a fulltime employee outside of streaming, and a fulltime cosplayer and streamer. I am looking to bring cosplaying and streaming together and hopefully bring something unique and awesome to the platform. The "co-streamer" you will see a lot in my stream is my awesome Pink Vape!... Oh and my man RiseFromUrAshes sometimes. Lol! I am a main in Overwatch and Cosplaying. I am a variety streamer and I am slowly building stream library as my PC gets it slow process of upgrades. The Artemis Champions and my channel are all about a safe place and making people feel apart of something. The stream teams I am apart of and am a Leader in some, share these same views and values. So drop a follow and also add me on Xbox Live and favorite me to get a notification of when I go live. Always feel free to say Hi and chat me up.

1. Be respectful to the stream and streamer. Compliments are ok, but please respect that I am taken Engaged/Married (As we act like an old married couple) and over the line compliments will be warned once and then followed by a Timeout or Ban. Depending on the severity of the offense.

2. No talking of age in chat, EVER. Age talk will be delted by myself or Mods and if continued will be timed our or if the age breaks ToS, you will be banned and reported.

3. Might be the 3rd rule, but also might be the MOST IMPORTANT one of them all. NO HATE OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED. This stream is a safe place for people of all walks of life, that is not against the law. The Artemis Champions is a community about being diverse and being there for each other. We fight the hate and protect others.

4. Respect my Mods, as they are here to chat and help out the stream. It is a payless job and I appreciate them so much for it.

5. I normally don't play with Viewers or Followers, unless they are regulars. I will be working on a couple of games to play with Followers with at least 10 hours viewing my stream.

6. I do not mind help when I am playing a game, just not a fan of backseat gaming. I am at times a hardcore gamer and get salty at times too. What can I say, except that salt is my favorite flavor in the world. lol

7. Now this is the most important rule of them all Champions, you can not fail your Goddess of the Hunt on this one. HAVE FUN! My streams are to entertain you ladies and gentlemen. No hate and no disrespect is allow, only laughs and good times.
Saturday: 12am to 4am

Sunday: 12am to 8am & 7pm to 3am

Monday: 7pm to 3am

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 12am to 4am

All times above are in CST time Zone. Central Standard Time, and please search what time that is in your local area. Also, I work full-time at a very labor intensive job, stream full-time, and do Cosplaying events from time to time. So, streams may on occassion canceled due to work, cosplay, or general health concerns. I appreciate everyone of you Champions for understanding and supporting me!

Laugh Labs Inc.

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Team EDC

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Rising Felines

Rising Felines Website: Coming Soon

Rising Felines Discord: Coming Soon
PAX West 2019: August 30th to September 2nd (Seattle, Washignton)

PAX South 2020: Janurary 17th to 19th (San Antonio, Texas)

PAX East 2020: Undecided At This Time (Bost, Massachusetts)

Donations are seriously appreciated and will forever be a shock to me. They are NEVER REQUIERED OR EXPECTED on my channel. If you want to donate to the stream, just hit the Donations banner like a huge button for Donations. I thank you guys so much for believing in me enough to donate your money towards better stream equipment and cosplays. I can not say in words what this all means to me. Thank you guys so much and thank you for being the Top Champions of The Artemis Champions!