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About Me:
I've been playing omaha for several years on a hobby/entertainment level without any serious results.Until last year, when i started to put more volume to study and play and i started to get some success. Together along with some powerful motivational speeches that i was lucky to listen, i decided to quit my main job and to dedicate myself to my passion being whole time PLO player.

Working for somebody else has never been a good option for me, because i have been taught that when you do something, you should do it at it's best, be committed, otherwise you shouldn't be doing it at all. So whenever i saw a way for improvement i would tell my bosses about it and they would behave like i'm not the one they should be taking advices from, although knowing i was right, so i gave myself a promise not to work for anyone but for myself, or with people who have similar level of commitment. So i found an opportunity to be independent, enjoy my passion and make decent income out of it, not being limited in ''promotions'' based on somebody else's opinion and many other benefits in poker.

You are more than welcome to join me on this road , my path has only start