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Welcome One and All!
I'm Allen, host of FlatInNH.

Do YOU feel the spin? Nope, me either.

Now, I don't have all the answers, so I keep looking for them.

When you let the Scientific Method rule, what you thought you KNEW goes right out the window.

Me? I swallowed my pride, used my anger as fuel, and said NO MORE LIES.

TRUTH is all that matters, in ALL things.

Content here will be constantly changing in accordance with the events of the times, but there will always be info on our earthy reality.

Welcome to my little corner of the realm!
Current Events - COVID Bullshit
I’m not a doctor, nor do I need to be one when it comes to provable science, and neither do you.

AS IS EVIDENCED by the incompetence of today's medical establishment in the "curing" of disease, I posit to you that they are just as much a quack society today as they were during the days of bloodletting and leeches. The only difference is now they have sharper scalpels and THEY are the leeches.

When you know and fully comprehend what the TRUE cause of dis-ease really is, you will never WANT or NEED to see a "Doctor" ever again.

Start living life from a simple Keep Healthy Habits perspective, versus Disease and Defense, which is just an imposition of a militarily-minded establishment looking to destroy your health and profit from it.

Health is truly quite SIMPLE .

Be your OWN doctor!
What is Toxemia?
A concise and informative piece on the real cause of all dis-ease, by J.H. Tilden, MD.

Toxemia Explaind
"WHAT more can be asked by any doctor or layman than a philosophy of the cause of disease that gives a perfect understanding of all the so-called diseases?

To know cause supplies even the layman with a dependable knowledge of how to avoid building disease, and how to cure. When people know how to avoid disease they know an immunization that immunizes rationally.

Dependable knowledge of what disease really is and its cause is man’s salvation; and when it can be had with no more effort than that required to read carefully and understandingly Toxemia Explained, there is little excuse for anyone, lay or professional, to live in ignorance of it.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge of how to have health gives greatest power.

Few people know anything about the cause of disease. To them this book is dedicated and the freedom from medical superstition it will bring them." —J. H. TILDEN.
Learn what a virus REALLY is, how it is created, why it is beneficial to your body, and that it cannot cause any harm to anyone.
Bechamp or Pasteur?
A look into the controversy surrounding the Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur versus the Microbe Theory of Antoine Bechamp.
Impaired Health and Its Cause
Volume I of II.
Dr Tilden espouses at length regarding health, how and why we become unhealthy, and the simplicity of taking care of yourself the PROPER way.
What the AMA Hope You Never Learn About Its True History
Written in 2005, long before the recent "fall from grace" of the Health Ranger.
Very revealing.
Laminated Mask Exemption Cards as featured on HighImpactFlix
Just what you need to push into the face of that "wannabe Doctor" who's giving you grief about no mask.

Might as well put the legislation to work!