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DigitalReel live
Welcome to DigitalReel live!

Games, talk and hopefully a whole lot more while exploring the future of blockchain

Please don't post links, we can promote each other (and I am happy to) but has to be mutual and I will post you to help out

As for Schedule I'm still working on that but hope to be on
3 pm ET (sometimes 2 or a bit earlier if I'm feeling it) in the afternoon &
10 pm ET
depending on the gig and some of the games I like are more populated in the day and some later at night
Drop me a line and let me know when you'd like to see my stream

*** Question, what games or other streams would you like to see? Maybe some IRL or would you like to do some Guerrilla without a dime film and video tips, tricks, & discussion on how to achieve that higher-end production looks without those budgets. Please let me know as I think this is a great way to share this community experience +++

The shortish version of me and why I'm here:
Specializing in Cinematography /Camera & Lighting, Indy Media creator, Guerrilla w/out a dime, streaming (twitch - the same name) gaming lover. I took the last couple years off to take care of my elderly (Marine) mother, going a step further and becoming a certified caregiver doing my best to not just take care of her but bring her the best help and health I could track down then sharing that along the way on my channel and social when and where I could as well as share with her what I do the was inspired by her and her belief in me. End of June last year (7 months ago but feels like yesterday sometimes) she passed from this world on to her next journey.
Now time to restart my carrier/life as well as continuing in my endeavors to create my own movies & tv, I hope to make dlive my streaming home. To be honest to also deal with some semi crippling anxiety that has hampered me with my old gig (ballroom camera after Hollywood east went north, thanks Jeb) as well as streaming on some of the other platforms (if you know what I mean) I hope the awesome community accepts and enjoys what I have to offer as well as share any suggestions to help me better serve the community to help it grow as I believe this could be a real future for the indy creator.
Anyway, that's a bit of me you can see some of my other work on www.youtube.com/flcamera catch me here and if you have any questions about me my life or caregiving as I learned a lot and happy to share so you don't have to go through what I did too. Have a great day and hope to chat/get to know the dlive fam soon

Steam name: Locnarr
Origin & everywhere else: flcamera
http; //www.instagram.com/flcamera
http; //www.twitter.com/flcamera

I play PC and here are some of the games I enjoy.
You can find me on Steam as Locnarr the feared
& Origin as flcamera
9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena
Creative Destruction
Mad Max
Black Squad
Quake Champions
The Crew 2
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Dead Island
Hope to find some Apex Legends (or hope they make a solo thou the character powers tend to tell me that's not happening) players who don't mind a not so great player along for some fun till I git gud


I hate to add this but as my restart is slower than hoped so the bills grow as that light at the end of the tunnel looms so far away. After the id thieves, con men and catching up on the debts we were pretty much living month to month. I have been re-growing the debt I had managed to knock down so until things get better and paths such as this firm up I am forced to leave open and share this gofundme that a friend established when mom passed to help me with that restart https://www.gofundme.com/a-fund-for-thomas

Discord link :