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Who/What Am I?
I'm an aging gamer. Currently 55-ish and didn't get into gaming until about 7 years ago. I started with Dark Souls 3 and spent the vast majority of my gaming time in Fromsoftland. I got burned out a while back and actually didn't play anything for a few months. I'm back now and wanting to explore the many other games I have purchased on sale. :)

I'm not very good. I like to go slow and be cautious, at least until I familiarize myself with an area and the enemies in it. I like to be overpowered. I like to cheese. I like to farm. [ Maybe my screen name should be OP Cheese Farmer? :) ] My motto is "Play your way." It may not be your thang. No worries. Don't bully. Just move on.
What Is This Stream?
My desire in streaming is to find/build a small community of older folks who got into gaming late in life and don't feel like they fit in with the younger, hip crowd. Anyone is welcome, of course, but my target audience is probably 50+.
What Will I Be Playing?
My library is currently comprised of games like Hellpoint, Mortal Shell, most of the Assassin's Creed installments, all (?) of the Myst series, a couple of other games like Myst, Dark Souls 1 & 3 (hate 2), and a handful of others. I generally wait until games go on steep sale before buying, so I'm rarely playing a new game.
VOD Archive
VODs will be archived on YouTube.


I will be recoding the stream in OBS while I'm streaming and not saving the replays on DLive. There are two reasons for this approach. First, it's faster. When the stream is over, I have a recording locally that I can work with without having to download from DLive using VLC. Second, if I have to edit the video for some reason, I already have it in a format that I can work with.
Through the end of 2022, I am off work every Friday (PTO, use it or lose it), so I definately intend to stream Friday mornings from about 7:30 AM Central until whenever. Monday - Thursday, I will try to stream for about an hour before work, also beginning about 7:30 AM Central. Weekends? Who knows.