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Telegram with or without chat. Pick your poison.
Hier geht es zu meinem Stream-Bunker auf Odysee
If you want to revisit a stream of mine
I put a lot of effort and work in my productions. I pick and arrange everything myself. There is no ready playlist just some basic tools to make things easier. I'm still learning and I'm improving myself. Work in progress.

I do this for entertainment and not for making money. Therefore I do not need any donations, lemons or anything.

Since I don't use TidyLaps or some other tool for chat and I'm usually busy doing my thing please forgive if I'm not reading anything out.
For my upcoming gaming streams you will find me on Twitch.
Stream Time
I usually start my music stream at 8 pm GMT+1 (German Time)
Chat Rules
Our society doesn't work without rules. Here are mine.
1. Be polite
2. If you're in a bad mood get offline
3. Don't be that guy....
4. No links or advertisement without consent.
5. Don't ask for Lemons or a mod axe
6. Don't use capslock all the time (If you're impaired, I make an exception)
7. Don't spam stickers all the time
8. If you don't like it just leave
9. Whom I will follow or not is my business and mine alone.
10. Enjoy the content.

I will chat in German or English. Everything else I will ignore.
I don't have to tell that I will ban you if you use racist slurs or start to insult people. I love pranks, jokes and black comedy but I don't like badmouthing people. If you something to say, say it to me. I will kick you without remorse or hesitation.
And finally. Yes, I am interested in political discussion and have my own opinion about many things. On this channel I do music and entertainment only. No politics unless I say so. And really finally. If you're vegan GTFO!!!!!