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- Fridays throughout the day
- Surprise streams whenever I can!
Network Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer/Analyst, Aerospace Engineer (in training), and avid Star Trek fan! Secondary interests include: renaissance faires, pirate festivals, highland games, theater, reading, and anything to do with science and technology. Las Vegas, NV w/ husband MaesterDesPlaies (Twitch) who streams Smite! Check him out too!
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Games you will find me trekking through are:
- Cyber Space Commander (CSC) (more info to your right)
- Kingdoms Beyond
- Star Trek Online
- League of Legends (because who doesn't stream League)
- World of Warcraft Classic
- Eve Online
- Starfleet Academy
- Fallout Games
- Elder Scrolls Games
- Kerbal Space Program
- Zelda, SSB, and other Nintendo Titles
- Any retro ST or SW game
#Many, many more!
Highlighted Game
Crypto Space Commander (CSC)!

CSC is a new space exploration, resource gaining/management, adventure, pvp, MMO, blockchain game in early development, where you own all of your assets IRL! Click the image above to be taken to their website (unless it's to sign up... use the Sign Me Up! link for that pretty please)

For more information, check out the following links:
- CSC Discord:
- CSC on Steam
- CSC Dev Blog:
- CSC 3rd Party Marketplace:
- CSC Official Wiki:
- Article on what blockchain gaming is all about:
Highlighted Game
Kingdoms Beyond is an in-browser isometric MMORPG that is in early development. It looks extremely promising and I can't wait for it to mature!

- KB on Medium:

- KB Discord: