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Fortnite's Llama Hunter & Llama Jr.
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We are a father and son team producing great family-friendly content like:

The Open House Party featuring Fortnite's Llama Hunter & Llama Jr.
"It's the best party online!" Playing with you! Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are in the world or how well you play the game. Add us on Epic: RealLlamaHunter

LLAMALAND: Fortnite Shorts
Scripted comedic voiceover shorts series featuring Fortnite characters and game play.

The Llama Games
Weekend morning competition in our Creative. Invited viewers compete against each other in a series of challenges. The player with the most points at the end is the winner of The Llama Games and scores some cool prizes from our sponsors!

Reverse Stream Sniping
Fortnite GAME SHOW: We join random squads, kill ourself. If the squad gets the Victory Royale, we gift them whatever they want in the Item Shop!

Bullying Stops Here
We anonymously share viewer stories on air about how bullying has affected their life and provide sound advice on how to deal with the issue and the emotions they are feeling. With over 200+ stories received so far, it is clear that this issue needs more attention. Life-changing advice ahead. Send your bullying stories anonymously through any of our socials or .

If you need immediate help, talk to someone you trust or call the crisis support line in your country.

Visit our website to connect with us.
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"Dad, can we stream?"

"I don't know anything about streaming."

"Can we look into it?"

That was November 2018.

We started with a PS4 and a cell phone...

...streaming "exclusively on Twitch," earning over 40,000 Followers on that platform so far!

We have since grown a bit, adding a PC, graphics, website, social media and new platforms, like dlive.

Yes, we have been obsessively focused, made sacrifices, and work seemingly every waking hour, every day.

But, it's the financial support from people like you that have made all this possible. Truly has.

Thank you!

We still have a long way to go and could use your help. Invest in us!

Please DONATE, if you can.

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