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| ::: francis-live! ::: |

__ it is come as it is come; it is what it is. Is it ????? Is it !!!!!!!!!
__ Was it in a hospital... Was it where it all began...
__ Was it still live... and you missed it!
__ Might be nothing for many months or many hours;
__ and you will never know, until everything is live again;
__ ...and All what you see here... is what you get right now...

If right now: not live

__ the next event might be in the next second;
__ you might have many in a day or one as long as many weeks;
__ No one knows but everybody wants to know; check our youtube teasers.

...and if it is still live right now, don't miss it.
__ Don't forget tomorrows' today might be yesterdays' today

ALL of this dlive channel, might last like a wet firecracker,
or might be a journey of a thousand nights,
or just a breeze forgotten in the dust of time...

__ But it's live! ...only | ::: francis-live ::: | ,

********** Coffee break! - More To Come, *************

...and still, | ::: francis-live ::: | !

| ::: MORE ABOUT ::: |
| :::::::::::::: V ::::::::::::::: |
| :::::::::::::: V ::::::::::::::: |

Whoever you might be, Francis-live only ...

... is everywhere and nowhere; then suddenly it's now-here and everywhere.

This is as real as it gets in a world dominated by censorship with the infamous 5-7 seconds delay from direct broadcast; that makes us dream of those times where live TV and spontaneity was wild and live to ALL to witness: "that golden age" that few are able to utter its grandeur hidden now by our entertainment big screens. Spontaneity and true livebroadcast are where our true laughs came from; where we felt at home and free; where we shared our stories of our forgotten hidden world that exists beyond our world, where we originally existed.

We are all indeed, and more so i am on the learning curve as you are actually witnessing the birth of and why there is such a play on the word LIVE all because of my "deadly" circumstances if you finally caught up with me on dlive. i greet you with good favor and light, as you feel of the same branch while you follow me more.

i'm real and just want to focus on being live on my channel, since the tests just drags me live to it anyways. Lino's is not what matters to me as i am glad to favor my lino's where my heart guides me. That's it. My plan is to give back to this channel as much as i decide so donation could eventually be funnel to a blockchain algorithm to fulfill exciting events and projects that serves the decision of the people involved in the blockchain algorithm event. That's what you get if you catch me live.

Whether old, young or middle aged; i think all are ladies&gents (gentlemen) meaning getting there or already there or in full flight... or not yet there. THE MAIN THING is that we all are ladies&gents, at different stages of our life.

This is as live as it gets. It could be something spontaneous, or something you wouldn't ever think... you are seeing the birth of the channel LIVE, and it is what it is. It is what you are actually saying it is, and you are right about it. It's live, that's IT. What matters is to be live... decide all the rest as it doesn't matter for me as much as eventually have great moments live, and why Francis is sill live & well.

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| :::::::: MY WORLD ::::::::: |