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Hello InfiniteModz here!

I am a 17 year old streamer that enjoys playing with people and helping others out!

Dream goal is to join the United States Marine Corp!

What I strive to do is to make someone's day! Whenever I receive any amount of lino points from my viewers I put those linos to donating to other new streamers or old streamers!

My goal for you guys is to be happy enjoy your stay in this community and channel!


1. Be kind to any staff or modz!

2. No hate or bulling aka rude comments or you will be muted or kicked from this channel!

3. Enjoy having fun and chatting!
Sticker and Animation plus mod services
Sticker, Animated Stickers in progress, and logos plus banners!

Stickers - easy to make

Animated stickers - in progress

Logos - free and easy

Banners - free and easy

Donations are accepted but if you want to send me money irl I'll be grateful click image above

I am the ultimate savage mod 5 streamers accept me as! If you need a savage strict mod im your guy!

Enjoy your stay and all donations will be saved now for a brand new phone!
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If you want to donate irl!
If you would like to donate money to me irl this is this spot.

Just click the donate image above and you can donate to me and see your donation pop up on screen when I go live!

All donations are accepted positively!

Enjoy and have a happy day!