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When the world is THIS crazy it helps making a funny nut like me look like the only sane guy on the planet!
The content I show in some videos and music, and any links that are suggested in the chat section may have copywrite owners, I do not own any of them. Anything I show is only for educational reasons only.
Hi everyone, I'm Gaz. I used to make videos on YouTube calling out loads of the BS that I was watching on the Main Stream Media and due to my efforts got BANNED from YouTube. It was the best thing that has happened to me because this is how I found DLive.
About Me.
I own my own catering business and I also make websites for people from time to time. I love life, travel, wild camping but most of all I love to make my DLive family laugh! Come and join me and the BBB Crew for some mad fun.
So what's the BBB Crew?
The Boats Beers & Boobs Crew is a group of hard core supporters of the DLive stream that I host. You can watch me live Monday to Thursday at 6.30pm till 8.00pm UK time. I really hope you join the Crew!
Sometimes you just need to find your inner warrior! Get ya War Paint on!
Boats Beers n Boobs Crew!
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