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GREETINGS! My names is Nick, and I've been a gamer for a LOOOONG time now and will be playing the latest and greatest games until I kick the bucket. So, not knowing how many or few years that will be, I plan on making the absolute most of however much time only the historians will know that to be. IRL I'm not the most social of persons( a common trait amongst the gaming community) however I value and understand that the GAMING COMMUNITY CAN AND IS ONE OF THE BEST COMMUNITIES OUT THERE and as such I'd like to encourage and be apart of that communities continued growth and development. Lets face it, truth is there are trolls amongst us which can make a community toxic. Which is why this next part is unfortunate, yet necessary. THE DREADED RULES:

1> DONT BE A TROLL be a kind hearted human

2> R.E.S.P.E.C.T EVERYONE, even when you dont share the same opinions or beliefs as they do. You can have discussions on difficult issues( I encourage engagement and you have a right to both have and share opinions) but do not, under ANY circumstances let the conversation devolve into verbal dung slinging. Be tactful. Maintain your composure. politely disengage from the conversation if it can't be a civil one. IF you don't, I don't care who started what. Buh-BYE to ya both.

3> NO RACISM, SEXIST or DEROGATORY comments towards anyone in our community or this channel. NOT a ONE.

4> ENJOY yourselves!!!! Let's make this a place to escape to after a long hard day of LIFE. A place to relax, and a place to have fun. Whether I'm playing a game or we're just chatting, come hangout in my chat section and let's talk. Having a rough day and are looking for some support? Let's chat. Let's have fun, and let's GROW this amazing and wonderfully diverse community!

-Big Nick A.K.A. GGNuub
Contributions are NOT a requirement to be apart of this community. All you need is an appreciation for gaming and an internet connection ;) IF YOU WOULD LIKE to help support this stream by donating some money I promise you that 100% of your donations will go directly into increasing the quality of this stream for your direct benefit. Funds will be used for purchasing better equipment for lighting, sound etc. as the stream expands and my PC requires more processing power, that will include upgrades to that as well but priority will always be on immediate cost effective improvements. Here's the link for making donations, just enter it in your web browser if you cant access it via phone.