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I'm an English speaking VTuber from a cold country far north! I've always been drawn to gaming for as long as I know, and have long wanted to break out of my shell and share my passion on the interweb.

I like to play a variety of games, like:
☆ Minecraft
☆ Animal Crossing
☆ The Sims
☆ Beat Games
☆ Retro Games
And more!

You can find me here too:
Discord server:
Twitter: Galnyi
I hit live whenever I feel like and are available! I can go live at all hours of the day, but I usually notify the Discord group and Twitter before I do so.

I may be able to work in some sort of scheduled. Scheduling one week at the time might be what I want to head for first.
☆ USE COMMON SENSE - We all come far with using some common sense. Be nice with each other, and think before you act. Like, would you like to be on the receiving end of what you just typed?

☆ DON'T SPAM - I'd like to read chat. so please help me keep it nice and tidy and keep random stickers to a minimum. However there are a times and places I may allow spam in reasonable amounts I guess. Again, common sense!

☆ ASK BEFORE POSTING LINKS - Links without context will be deleted. Having permission is also appreciated so I know what's coming, and know I'll have use for it.

☆ NO SPOILERS - I will rather figure out what happens by myself. Try keeping this a spoiler free place, regarding games I play and current show's I or alot of us might be watching.

☆ HAVE A GOOD TIME - In the end of the day, we all want to be having a good time and vibe together. Lets keep this platform a special place for that :)
☆ Donations aren't needed, but well appreciated
☆ Chest openings at following/other goals or whenever I feel like it

☆ December 1st, 2019: We made an donation of 70 trees to #TeamTrees
☆ April 2nd, 2021: VTuber debut!