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Heard About Dlive And Wanted To Try This To See What Its Like. I'm Just A Ordinary Gamer Who Lives streaming and Having Fun! For People Who Like To Help Me And support Me I will open the chest from time to time when I feel. ( i'll open the chest when there are followers in chat) to give people the opportunity to send me some link back! Since DLive Helps Creators! I Have Youtube, Twitter And Also Mixer For Live-streaming at the same time! I Have A Discord as well!


Claiming chest rewards as a viewer

How do I claim the rewards from the treasure chest?

You must be a follower to claim the chest. Once the streamer whom you are watching opens the treasure chest, you will receive a popup confirmation. You must claim your reward within 30 seconds of the streamer opening the chest.

Click on the Treasure Chest
Click the Claim Rewards button

How many times can I claim the chest reward?

There is no limit to the number of times a viewer can claim rewards. However, if a viewer is abusing the system, viewers can be banned from collecting rewards from every channel on DLive.

Will I get a reward every time a creator opens the chest?

No, the allocation of rewards is based on chance. Higher engagement does increase your chances of receiving a reward. Rewards are not guaranteed. Users who are muted will not be eligible for any reward.