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The name is Riku!

I am a Squishmallow lover, dog lover, and video game lover! I've been playing games almost my whole life and I have a wide range of favorites for variety of reason's. I can't honestly pin point one true love. I love Kingdom Hearts, Harvest Moon, Pokemon and more! Let's just say I can't just love one game.

I'm a variety streamer who focuses mostly on RPG, MMO's, and Multiplayer games. You will sometimes catch date night streams with my boyfriend Silpour and I.

Q & A's will be held on Patreon once certain requirements are met.
I'm all over the place! Kid you not. There are a few sites I'm not as much because they don't have mobile apps right now and I work off my phone most of the time. So, if you want to know when I am going live, what is going on, or join chat off stream!



Our wonderful art was done by an amazing artist by the name of Cozmic Lights. You can find her at the image link. She is amazing at what she does.

Sil and I recently started a Patreon. It is a place for us to share some stuff of stream with supporters between games, personal life, and things we want to bring to you guys such as servers for Minecraft and Ark. Check the link to see the information, our public posts and what we want to do for you all, there is a lot.