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I am called many names (many of which are banned on DLive and illegal in many parts of the world), but most people call me Gamer or GBB. I am a proud Canadian gamer and geek.

In 2012, two friends and I started creating content for a show called Gamers Behaving Badly on the Gamers 'N' Geeks Alliance YouTube channel.

Those friends are animehero77 and Silver (whatever gamertag/username with the word Silver in it he is using this week) and they will occasionally join me to be part of the stream.

I believe in creating a community that promotes family and fun over competitiveness and toxicity. I do play games, but the most important part of my streams is the time we spend together talking, joking and laughing.

I play a variety of games (retro and new, with some forgotten or underappreciated treasures) while discussing geek culture, collectibles, gaming and the weird and wonderful happening on the interwebs.

CHAT RULES (Do I really need to explain this?)

If you wouldn't say it to somebody face to face, don't say it here.

If you are here to brag about what a video game playing God or Goddess you are and want to inform everybody else how much they suck, don't bother. There are other streams for you.

I do play with viewers, but due to many issues in the past I need to get to know you first. Become a regular part of the GBB family and then we can plan to play together.

Follow the Golden Rule (if you don't know what that is, Google it. If you don't know what Google is did you get here?)