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My largest platform right now is YouTube. I'm also very active on Twitter, and I occasionally post to Instagram and Facebook. I also stream on Twitch and some lesser known platforms. Click or my logo image to find the links to ALL of my socials!!
Looking for a gaming chair? Checkout OPSeat!
I am an OPSeat affiliate, and you can directly support me by making a purchase through this link ( , or click on the image). I currently have a Master Series chair in White! It's super comfy for long gaming sessions. Yes, these chairs are expensive, but it's a great investment and they're still cheaper than many other big gaming chair brands!
Stream Schedule!
I have mainly been a 'YouTuber' for the last few years. I've put in lots of hours streaming as well, but I've never held a consistent schedule.

For now, my streams are a bit random, and I usually multi-stream to several platforms at once. My accounts can be found at /GamingWillis on just about every platform!
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Tips are not required, nor expected! Tips are also nonrefundable. Please only tip if you have extra cash and you're looking to help me out!

The easiest way to tip is via Streamlabs at . While you can tip at anytime, doing so while I am live will display your support and message on the stream!

There are also other ways to support financially, such as Patreon, YouTube Memberships, and more. However, I am *just* getting setup here on DLive, so I only added a couple things for now! I'll be adding more to my page here in the next few days!!
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