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Ko sam? Šta sam? Odakle sam?
Mladen Krčmar je ime tog lika iz Banjaluke što ga gledaš na ovom kanalu.
Studirao mašinstvo, upisao drugu godinu, smorilo ga pa počeo da igra Paladins Champions of the Realm profesionalno.
Gejming > Škola ne dajte roditeljima da vas uče pogrešno!
Što mu je nick Garlic?
Pa bio mu nick KrcmarGerilac pa onda kad engleski kasteri-komentatori kažu Kresadlkčj##$"#"$% njega muka uhvati pa promjeni na Garlic.
Banjaluka je mjesto odakle on strimuje
Who am I? What am I? Where do I live?
Mladen Krčmar is the name of the guy who streams here.
He studied mechanical engineering, smashed the first year, got into second year and then it just got boring so he started playing Paladins Champions of the Realm and went pro soon after.
Gaming > School don't let your parents tell you otherwise.
Why is his nick Garlic?
Well it was KrcmarGerilac but the casters just couldn't pronounce it and were saying something like Kr$#RGer%$ so he got sick of it and changed it to Garlic because it's similar to Gerilac.
The place he lives is called Banjaluka in a small and most complicated country in the World with three Presidents in it called Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Games I'll play
1. Realm Royale
2. Ashes of Creation Apocalypse
3. Viewer requests
Interests & Hobbies
TV Shows/Movies

We can discuss anything you want about those topics I mentioned above
Look, I'm streaming for fun, wanna meet new people from all around the World so one day when I come to their country I can stop by and say "Hi" and feel welcomed.
Only if you REALLY like me or have money that you don't know where to spend on and ONLY then you can donate to me otherwise just spend the money on something smarter. I want new friendships and there is no amount of money that can buy that. Even is somebody does end up donating I'll ask them "do you want me to get a better camera" or "put up a mouse camera" stuff like that, all the donations are gonna be on donors to decide for me what I do with them.