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hey guys welcome to my stream I'm a
self-employed Dad I like working on computers at definitely love playing video games
Hey guys my name in the game is Bethany chanlin, I have been playing Eve Online for about 10 years, my passion is showing new and older players tips and tricks to enhance their gameplay. I also enjoy participating in gate camps and the theory and practical side of ship fitting. Learning software that compliments Eve Online is another aspect of the game I enjoy.
my love of sports games has come back to me haven't played any sports games in I have to say 20 years since I have moved to Australia from the u.s
I am a variety streamer
Nickname: Gatecamp
Home: Kenosha W.I
living now: Australia New South Wales
Years as a Streamer: 1
Gamer Type serious in the games I play
1# Eve online
2# Super Mega Baseball 3
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