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Road to 2K followers! We are on the grind to partnership! Make sure you hit that follow button! Show some support in the stream! If you have any ideas to improve the stream just let me know! Most importantly be respectful and have fun!

Make sure you follow me on twitter and join my discord server! Become a member of The Ghost Squad!


Come join The Ghost Squad on discord! This is a way for us to communicate when im not live streaming. I like to stay in touch with my viewers and followers, and get to know them better!


Come follow me on twitter to stay more connected to the stream! This will allow you to know when I go live! I also post information on new games and any new updates!

My name is Rhyan! I am a Shift Manager and the famous McDonalds! I work full time and I'm a Senior in high school somwehere in the state of Montana! I love video games, and have always loved them since I could pick up a controller. I have been watching people stream video games for a couple years now and decided I would give it a try! Once I got a job I saved up to build myself a PC for gaming and streaming. I love streaming all sorts games! However, my three main games at the moment are: Fortnite, Apex Legends, NBA 2K19. I am a very friendly person and love to get to know all of my viewers! I stream not only for the followers, but to create a fan base that loves watching me play the games they love and the games I love!

I dont have alot of rules and dont ask alot but I do ask this

1. Dont be rude to other users, my mods are watching and so am I so you will be taken care of.

2. No Racism to me or to the other users! It WILL NOT be tolerated here! Racism toward me or any users will result in imediate ban!

3. If you get timed out for breaking the rules and keep coming back and doing the same thing, you will be banned, and I hate banning people, so please dont!

4. Please dont self promo in my live stream unless i call for a a shout out. I also have a self promotion channel in my discord so take care of that buisness there.

5. Becoming a mod is simple.

-First you gotta have 30 hours of active stream time not just lurking so be talking

- Second you have to gain my trust and have to get to know me better so I know I can count on you to be there and watch chat!

- Third you have to be a follower for at least 2 weeks

- Lastly Im watching everything you do so behave in the chat and make sure others behave, while still being polite. Act like a mod and you may get mod. Simple!

6. I only run with followers now. It helps take away some of the toxic users! Go ahead, smack that follow button! Lets Run!