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Hello my name is william and im a 42 year old gamer..i like to stream and play as many multiplayer games as i can and would rather play multiplayer games than singleplayer games... if you ever want to join me you only have to ask
1. Be positive and helpful to others
2. Be respectful
3. No sexism nor any jokes about anyone less fortunate than yourself
4.The mods have full say on what is right for this channel and what isnt
5.Treat other the way you would like to be treated
6.If you wanna troll please do so under a bridge with the rest of the Trolls.... Thankyou
Operateing sys. windows 10
Gfx card. rtx 2080
Processor.i5 -8500
500 ssd
2tb hdd
2 x msi optix mag271c monitors
Cod warzone
Rocket league
gtav rp
7 days to die

just some of the many games i play