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I"m NcG Giant Nova I enjoy streaming, And sharing my gaming experience's to the world!
Please feel free to chat!

I'm NcGGiantNova Leader/Owner Of NcG I Started This Stream And Team Back on mixer when it was Still Called Beam. Plz Show Some Support If you want to Join the Mixer Team Just Ask Also join the discord To Collab with Me and Others.

No One Ever Like To Do This But I Have to Put These here.
Please Follow These Rules.
1. no Negativity
2. Be Nice
3. Don't Spam
4. No Links
5. Self Promotion is allowed But Don't Spam Your Channel Just Tell me About your self Ect.
6. Don't Ask To be Mod in Chat Join Discord and work your way to it.
7. Be Nice To Others.
8. Have Fun Engage with the Streamer.
9. If you Type In chat And Only Wait 1 sec For a Response Under Stand This. We have a lot going on and sometimes it takes time to even get the MSG on our side. Plus we Have to Read it Fully Plus Respond If your rude or mean It probably wont happen.

Nova Corps Gaming Or NcG Is A Strong Team That Works Together To Reach Goals.
We Are For all Gamers On All Platforms! Everyone Is Welcome In the NcG Family!
Spreading Good Vibes, Content, and Entertainment Since 1995
invite your friends!
Official website here
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all tips are non refundable.

3 ways to support for free

1. Loots - super easy click here

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3. sub with prime for free Link your Amazon Prime to you twitch account then click here

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