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Lets go build a rocket! - Day 64 in orbit!
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Enjoy yourself while your here.
This is a place to escape the daily grind and stresses.
Let's keep it that way.

English only.
No Racism
No Politics
No Trolling
No Spamming
No Self Promotion.
No doxxing of yourself or others.
Don't ask about the opening of the chest.
Don't break dlive's TOS.
Only speak respectfully about Dlive, it's staff and fellow streamers

Bottom line - be respectful. No drama.

I reserve the right to mute or ban anyone at anytime from my stream should they break the above rules.

Under no circumstances are you to replay content from this channel or stream without written permission. No exceptions.

All music copyrights and lic. are held by copyright owners. No claims made. All music/videos are publicly available and sourced from

Just starting to share my stuff on Dlive!

Hi, I'm Gil by day I am a Creative Technologist and maker, and you can follow my Maker Journey on youtube -
... but here on Dlive, I share my other passion, popular culture.
After spending almost 10 years in Hollywood, I left to return to Australia and use teach to bring my friends together to talk about all things.
Come hang out with us and join the journey as we start the Dlive adventure!

Shakedown development phase:-
v1.0 Alpha (0 followers)√
v2.0 Beta (100 followers)√
v3 Perpetual Beta (200 followers) √
v4.9 Open Beta (500 followers)√
v5.0 Release Candidate (1000 followers)√

Mission launch:-
v6.0 Release Candidate Extended (VP Unlocked)
v6.5 Stable Release
v7.0 General Availability
Interactive is here!

Annoy Gil with the following interactive commands!

!smellit 20 points
!wrongprice 20 points
!money 20 points
!cantsing 20 points
!Spacedefender 20 points
!poet 20 points
!twowaystreet 20 points
!pillpoppin 20 points
!hahahaok 20 points
!fate 20 points
!sick 20 points
!ponderous 20 points
!uptempo 20 points
All contributions will go into getting better equipment and supporting the stream.

Make A One-Time PayPal Contribution:

Equipment I am after for the Stream:
• Web Camera - Panasonic Lumix GH5:
• Microphone - RODE Procaster:
• Video Switcher - Elgato Stream Deck:

Channel firsts -

First Lemon - Burnergrl
First Ice Cream - Burnergrl
First Diamond - Burnergrl
First Ninjagini - Shiloh Rose
First Ninjet - Scottie Ventures
dlive is my hang place.
YouTube is my work place.

If you like Making and technology, your invited to come along and check out more Maker and Technology projects on my YouTube channel.
Welcome to the Lab!

Click the pic above and come and hang out on DIscord, or click the link.
The Trilogy Show is:

BK_Johnsen -
TheCoinCaptain -
Gil_P -

We are on Monday 5 PM (Oceanic time) or Sunday 11 PM (Pacific time)