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I'm DeMarcus A.K.A. Gilgamesh2007, I'm a dad and a father figure to others...they are big fans of me and a few other streamers. I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve taken my love for videogames, computers and videography into a digital and webhosting WWW.KNIGHTSGUARDGAMING.COM . So, when I'm not streaming sleeping or being a dad, I'm working

on building my brand in the business world. I've been gaming since the late 80s starting with NES. My father was raising me alone while attending college

for Information Technology. He was the first one to introduce me to computers and programming by handing me a Commodore 64c when I was in elementary school. I was introduced to business by my uncle Howard, who owned barbershops. He's not with us anymore due to Covid-19 ...I know he'd be proud of me ....My Grandfather gave me a lot of wisdom and kept me on my toes so to speak ...He told me I was a king and it's a great responsibility and grace. He also told me, "If you can't be good, be good at it"

I am a self-proclaimed Final Fantasy superfan, hence the moniker "Gilgamesh2007."

Besides role playing games, I also play co-op first person shooters. Throughout my progression I plan on broadening my gaming horizons. I predominantly game on my Xbox series X but I also game on a Nintendo Switch and my AMD PC build that I use as a pretty stream machine.