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Hail and well me, fellow travelers! Welcome to Gizmo's Gatehouse!

Come in a Stranger; Leave a little stranger

I'm a variety streamer who's been playing video games for a VERY long time - and writing them for a long time as well! I love talking about the ideas for games, why game designers made the choices they did, and what makes a game fun. But mostly I like talking with people about our shared interest - the games.

As Aslan would say, "do not cite the deep magic to me, Witch - I was there when it was written". My first console was the Atari 2600, my first computer (other than a DEC Cyber 720 mainframe) was a Commodore 64, I was writing multi-user networked games before there was a World Wide Web, and I coded the first web pages in raw HTML. I'm a little "long in the tooth", as they say.

You might be asking yourself "Is that a giant Pikachu?" And you'd be right. Because it is. "But if you're Gizmo, why not a giant Mogwai?" Um, because I have a giant Pikachu and can't find a giant Mogwai. :)

My streaming schedule is still under development, but I try to be on the following times (all times Eastern time):
Mōnandæg (Monday) 12 am - 2 am
Tiwesdæg (Tuesday) 12 am - 2 am
Wōdnesdæg (Wednesday) 12 am - 2 am
Thursdæg (Thursday) 12 am - 2 am
Frīgedæg (Friday) 12 am - 2 am

Sæterndæg (Saturday) and Sunnandæg (Sunday) are catch-as-catch-can, but I'm occasionally online. There are also some super-double-secret-probation daytime streams that happen occasionally. If you join the Discord or follow me on Twitter, you'll get notified when I go live.

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