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Chat Rules:
1. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
2. No Racism or Sexism.
3. Do not spam the chat.
4. Be respectful to all Mods.
5. No bullying at all.
6. Have fun and Enjoy the stream!
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Hello everyone that has read this or is now reading this. I am a new streamer overall, my name is Jon, and have been trying to get up and going for a little bit now, If you like any of the content, please feel free to hit that follow button! I am trying to get 200 followers to get partnered! Hope you all enjoy!!
PS4: GodlyGreed
Xbox One: OPG Godly Range
Battle Net: GodlyRange
Steam: GodlyRange
Origin: GodlyRangur
Nexon: GodlyRange#4437
Epic Games: GodlyRange
Youtube: GodlyRange
Twitter: Godly_Range
Instagram: godlyrange
Wanna get in contact with me? Send a E-mail!

I plan to stream Monday-Friday.
1-4 hours a day.
Saturday and Sunday I will not be streaming.