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Guild Boradcast by Councillor Ryu the Dark

Guild Description:

We represent the Gorn Hegemony, a CSC Guild dedicated to profitability and survival. Our guild seeks to operate as a roleplaying guild because we are all die-hard fans of the Gorn, which is a reptilian species originated from the Star Trek Universe. Our mission is to spread the Gorn imperative "The weak must be conquered" and to focus on mastering the art of mining and trading in the CSC Universe. Essentialy, is the Gorn Imperative a mindset with the notion that only the strong survive and that their species does not tolerate any form of weakness. Our decisions will adhere to Star Trek lore and we will also integrate other iconic aspects of the Gorn society, for example their caste-based governance system (military, tech and civilian). The Gorn Hegemony CSC Guild will operate in two languages: German and English. Find out more at https://gornhegemony.blogspot.com/

Join the Gorn our ask us something in Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/B6qvCv4

If you want to support our Guild make sure to use our referral link for CSC: https://www.csc-game.com/?cmdRef=a1f67d83320052

Our scaly ETH wallet: 0xa015fE2a1947B23AD454E699F8CbbDa419671F5e

1. Be positive & helpful to other viewers.
2. Be respectful to moderators.
3. Do not self promote
4. Do not disrespect other streamers or create drama between streamers.
5. Racism or discrimination will result in a ban.
6. Avoid religious & political discussions.

How to become Moderator
1. Be active on My Dlive Streams
2. Help others by answering questions
3. Be an examplary for other viewers
4. No Toxicity
Info on Lemon Points:
Dlive uses a reward system based on the Lino network. Lemon Points conversion rate is locked to:

1 Lemon = $0.012
1 Ice cream = $0.12
1 Diamond = $1.20
1 Ninjghini = $12.00
1 Ninjet = $120.00

-There is a small conversion cost £0.19 ($0.25 per transaction) flat fee for US, 2% for international when withdrawing.
-The only percentage Dlive takes is 9.9% whenever donating
-A streamers earning are totally transparent, you can track ALL streamers earnings and withdrawals from the earnings tab under the stream, to find out total earnings and current balance.
-You can "lock" points in to support Dlive, locked points generate interest and will help grow the platform in the future. It takes longer to withdraw Linos once they are locked and you can only have 10 pending withdrawals at any one time.
-You can buy points by clicking the button in the top left called "GET LEMON" to support your favorite streamer:

88 Lino = $1.53
288 Lino = $4.04
688 Lino = $9.06
1,188 Lino = $15.34
2,888 Lino = $36.67
7,888 Lino = $99.44
78,888 Lino = $990.65
Aorus X5
2 x GTX965M SLI
Intel i7-8850H

I do not own any rights for the music in my stream
Blog: https://gornhegemony.blogspot.com/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/B6qvCv4
CSC Referral: https://www.csc-game.com/?cmdRef=a1f67d83320052
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gornhegemonycsc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GornHegemonyCSC
Guild Token - Szeket:

In order to be transparent of which member has been promoted to Gorn Councillor, the Gorn Hegemony CSC Guild minted ERC-1155 tokens known as "Szeket". Szeket is the monetary unit used for transactions within the Gorn State.

Token Introduction:

Blockchain Explorer: https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/56589918/assets

Guild Finance:

Gorn have historically focused on mineral extraction and trade since their early beginnings. In the age of space exploration and colonisation, was ore the primary export commodity in Gorn colonies. Throughout time, Gorn established themselves as savy Investors and use the notion of "Margin of Safety".

Additionally the Gorn have mastered the art of scalping both... skulls and time series bars. They adopted a 1-min scalping strategy for trading commodities like Bitcoin, which originated from the Sol system.

Our 1 Minute strategy for scalping:

Our 1 Day RENKO chart of for USDT/BTC for swing trading:

Feel free to support the Gorn with this Binance referral