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Welcome to the "Gotcha League". I am a Partnered Mixer streamer looking to spread out everywhere. Very active on twitter and instagram so feel free to follow me there. I am very interactive with my community both on and off stream. I love helping people out its kind of my thing so please feel free to hit me up. I am a "Superhero Comic Brand" and love everything comic related I collect, read, and collect funkos, figures and much more SUPER NERD!!

Follow me here:

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My stream schedule is a bit random as of late however these are my normal times live:

Tuesday- variable
Friday- 9am and 7pm
Saturday- 10am or 6pm
Sunday- Normally off but occasionally I run a bonus stream

Stream times are like this because I work two jobs, have a wife and two young children, and I have to work around my wifes job and kids going to school.

I also have my own MERCH!! and its pretty amazing check it all out here:

I play all types of games because my ADHD doesnt allow me to focus on one for very long unless I am super super into the game and their are games like that for me such as all the Batman games, The Witcher 3 and more. As of now though

Battlefield V
Batman games
PS4 exclusives like "Spiderman" "Horizon Zero Dawn" and more to come
Hello neighbor, Cuphead, Bendy and the ink machine
Cyberpunk 2077 soon!!
NHL19 hockey is the only sport I play

I main open world RPG type of games. BFV is really the only shooter series that I go back to frequently. I also love"Realm Royale"

You can add me on Xbox and PSN both Gotham Gotcha

Last thing, we also have an amazing community of mods, streamers, partners, friends, graphics and editors and viewers in the "Gotcha League" discord channel so go click this link and join today!!: