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Can you believe that? I still play video games. It's true us older folks still play video games. Shuffleboard is kinda boring anyways. Seriously, Thank You all for stopping by. I'm humble that anyone would even consider to view my stream.

I'm retired military from the US Army. I proudly served for 22+ years.

I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 days. I'm a big fan of gaming & technology.

I'm on here to share my gaming adventures with you, the gaming community.

I'll mostly stream Xbox One & PSN games. But occasionally I may stream some PC gaming.

**I was Partnered on Kamcord with over 5K SUBS before the Live-Streaming portion of it was terminated.**
Followers, viewers and the occasional lurker are what makes streaming channels successful. I do like chatting. It's what makes the stream entertaining. Folks who follow my channel will get a live, on-the-air, mention as they follow. Thank you so much for the follow.
All times are PST (West Coast)

*I really don't have set times when I get on due to my schedule. A tweet will go out to my followers to alert them.*

*To my followers/viewers, feel free to host my channel when you see that I'm live. This works only if you're not streaming your channel. Thank You.*
- Be polite to people's posts. Everyone has an opinion and they're entitled to it
- No talking about politics or religions.
- Please do not ask for Moderator status.
- If you are one of my Mods, use timeouts before banning someone. A ban should be the last attempt used. Thank you
- Private message me on here if you think you were timeout/banned unfairly.
- Last, but not least, enjoy the stream and have a good time on chat. Y'all are the ones who make the stream awesome.

- Be part of the Largest Veterans' Gaming Group in the Nation! Fight alongside or compete
against Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, & Coast Guard. Military Spouses are Welcome!

- MVG is a Non-profit 501c3 Charity organization that supports all branches of service members and veterans!
Join us in sending care-packages and live events with our stream team and discord!

- Receive Veteran-to-Veteran support when you are feeling down, or seek out any of our three Army Chaplains. We look out for each other here.
Healing Wounds Through Gaming, please click on link below:
**Click button up here👆🏽**
**Click button up here👆🏽**

For right now, PayPal donations are set-up through Streamlabs. A $1.00 donation will trigger the Donation Alert. I will never ask for a donation. But they are greatly appreciated.

Donations will go towards my stream in order for it to run smoother. Thank you kindly for any donations sent.

Please leave a note with your donation if you want me to read it live on-air.