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About Me
Hey guys my name is Travis aka GrumpiPanda I'm 27 years old and from Alabama (Roll Tide) :).....I am passionate gamer who has been gaming my entire life. I want to create entertaining content while also creating an amazing community that spreads love and positive vibes. This is where YOU come into play. I want my viewers to know me on, So please don't be shy to talk in chat! We're all a friendly group of people and I put in a ton of effort to communicate with you guys as much as possible! If you'd like to keep track of what I'm up to, feel free to follow my Twitter and YouTube channels for more content, highlights and much more in the future. 

On this channel, I stream all kinds of games; from Survival Horror to straight Up Horror Games to Fortnite to Dead By Daylight and a ton of other single player RPGs. If you have any specific game requests you'd like me to play on stream, Please feel free to request it.

If you guys want to support me, but can't donate any bits or money Don't Worry!

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Playstation Psn - GrumpiPanda_  

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- Leave Your Phone or Monitor on the Channel when you are gone or away. Otherwise known as Lurking (Ppl don't realize how much this one helps!)
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