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Theres not too much to me, just a Vtuber from Alabama who plays games with friends. Or solo. Im not always talktative, just depends on how active chat is or if I have friends in voice chat with me. Im in school for welding so i may be tired some nights just depends. Anyways, feel free to say hi!
Link to my Discord server
Link to my Bitchute channel, my main upload site.
My Youtube Channel where I upload videos to! Will be heavily behind, so apologies on that.
I am sponsored with , an energy supplement company. I use it and enjoy the taste as well as the crashless awakeness (i cant word, forgive me) it gives me when I stream. Use my code here to get 10 percent off! I wanted to wait to try it myself before i just went and shared my sponsorship to make sure I enjoyed it myself and I truly do!