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Gunny, according to his regulars:

1- Never sleeps.
2- Is a good hearted asshole.
3- Is secretly an AI.
4- Is crazy cat man or CatDad.
5- Once killed a man with a ban hammer. Okay, maybe several times. We think it was the same guy, though. Tough SOB.
6- Breaks games down into the simplest steps and in doing so makes them appear relaxing or easy when they are not.
7- Made this FAQ so concise it is false advertising. He never shuts the fuck up.
I'm 31. I play games in my workshop that I also use to remodel this 98 year old house. I met my wife on a former Twitch account of mine when streaming many years ago under another name.

I play only games I have a commitment to (meaning I do not buy into every hype train, but instead prefer to own a smaller collection of games that are worth investing more time into) and though I usually go in blind, an inherent part of my personality is to learn quickly. Within 3 days of trying a new franchise, you won't be able to tell I'm new at it and likely will be asking for tips. I won't be the best in 3 days, but I will be doing well for myself.

If you'd like to do the same... Just jump in headfirst and keep doing it. Learning to learn is a real thing, and the result of practiced behaviours. You have to disadvantage yourself to learn to find advantages in the world around you.

As for my personality, I try to be more open than other streamers. Excluding topics which could have real ramifications, I will speak openly of my life, my earnings, and who I am. I will take advice and give advice outside of just games. Mostly because if my streams are only about games, they aren't very interesting. There has to be more if I am to stay interested in them.