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Gunny, according to his regulars:

1- Never sleeps.
2- Is a good hearted asshole.
3- Is secretly an AI.
4- Is crazy cat man or CatDad.
5- Once killed a man with a ban hammer. Okay, maybe several times. We think it was the same guy, though. Tough SOB.
6- Breaks games down into the simplest steps and in doing so makes them appear relaxing or easy when they are not.
7- Made this FAQ so concise it is false advertising. He never shuts the fuck up.
I'm a 31 year old ex-military, ex-convict, ex-homeless teenager who finally found a slice of peace in my hectic fiction novel of a life and enjoys sharing the problems of a newly discovered first-world life.

I am making my own game, and will periodically update you on its progress. Though I rarely stream the work, as nobody wants to watch me spend 18 hours trying to tell a computer how to read my comments.

As for games: I enjoy immersive gameplay, going in blind, and then knocking it out of the park by just figuring it out as I go.

I don't try to generate hype. The events of my nonstop psuedo 24/7 streams do that for me. That, and my big fucking mouth.
1- Expect special treatment if you earn it.
2- Expect I will know if you have not.
3- You don't have to like me.
4- Don't insist on WHAT you believe if you can't elaborate on WHY you believe it.
5- I'm fine with talking about my past, but not all the time.
6- Don't place expectations on me if you aren't willing to meet mine. I'll spend effort on those who make this experience enjoyable.