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I'm a 33 year old ex-military, ex-convict, ex-homeless teenager who finally found a slice of peace in my hectic fiction novel of a life and enjoys sharing the problems of a newly discovered first-world life.

I stream everything. No, really. From gaming to welding to programming to.. Washing dishes. You don't keep a schedule like mine by having time to do that off stream. I also value the honesty of it, versus only sharing my best B-Roll of my most controlled and selective of moments.

I am making my own game, and will periodically update you on its progress. I used to stream the work but have found that the boring technical side is not something you guys enjoy watching, so I focus more on chat than streaming the work when working on it these days.

As for games: I enjoy immersive gameplay, going in blind, problem solving and the feeling of conquering something I previously felt bad at. I don't like challenge for challenge's sake, and want the game to be fun first, but if it is fun, and it's kicking my ass, it's right up my alley and I'll learn to make it easy in short order.
Gunny, according to his regulars:

1- Never sleeps.
2- Is a good hearted asshole.
3- Is secretly an AI.
4- Is crazy cat man or CatDad.
5- Once killed a man with a ban hammer. Okay, maybe several times. We think it was the same guy, though. Tough SOB.
6- Breaks games down into the simplest steps and in doing so makes them appear relaxing or easy when they are not.
7- Made this FAQ so concise it is false advertising. He never shuts the fuck up.