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**Gunsway**, real name Jesse, was born in Seattle, 1985. He spent the first 18 years of his life as an International Citizen, living in countries from the UK to Namibia.

**Work Life**
By day he is a Blue Team responder for a titan of the digital industry. Previously, Gunsway served in the United States Coast Guard as an Information Systems Technician working primarily in District 7.

**Gaming History**
Gunsway started playing games on a Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 while living in Liberia (ask him about it!). He would eventually own an SNES, Sega, PlayStation, and N64, but in 1997 Gunsway was introduced to PC gaming which changed everything (PC Master Race).

He would eventually find himself playing Half-Life and soon Counter-Strike, back when it was still a mod. Gunsway put together a 1.6 team and competed at the highest levels of the Cyber Athlete Amateur Leagues.

During this same era, Gunsway started playing **Ultima Online** which would eventually lead him to games like Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft.

**Favorite Games**
+ NES: Faxanadu, Master Blaster
+ SNES: Super Smash TV, Super Metroid
+ N64: Golden Eye, Shadows of the Empire, Pilot Wings
+ Game Cube: Soul Calibur 2
+ PS: Final Fantasy 7, Twisted Metal 2
+ PS2: Amplitude, Guitar Hero 2/3
+ PC: Ultima Online
**AHRI** the cat was born September, 2014 and is a "special" needs kitty.

Super rarely you'll see her on stream. Previously we've had a Cat-Cam but she grew weary of the C920 lurking over her bed.

**Family**: Blue Point Siamese

**Size**: 6lbs 3oz

**Favorite Food**: Bacon

**WHAMMO** the Great (full legal name) was born December, 2006 in Coville Washington. He's traveled with Gunsway from Coast to coast, but prefers life at home on the couch.

+ Dominant: Australian Cattle Dog
+ Minor: Rottweiler
+ Minor: Cocker Spaniel

**Size**: 66lbs

**Favorite Food**: Krusteaz Pancakes
Escape from Tarkov
Gunsway's focusing on Escape From Tarkov (EFT), a First Person Shooter (FPS) with Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) elements. While he mainly raids Interchange and Custom maps, you'll see him on Woods, Reserves, Factory, Shoreline and the Lab as well.