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I'm a no cam, family friendly, variety live channel streaming on Twitch/ YouTube/ Mixer/ Facebook/ Loots and now DLive.

I love video games, live streaming and meeting new people. I enjoy rpg games the most but branched on on many other genres.

Feel free to ask me questions about me or my goals since I'm new here to DLive.

I am a Twitch Affiliate and am looking for more places to grow a channel community so here I am.
I had a schedule for over 3 years that I was live at 6pm every Monday to Friday and every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. Now I have a job that started 11/26/18 and it's shift work. So I won't know my free time and I can get called in.

Everyday but at various times. Mostly 6pm ET, 1pm ET on Weekends if possible and 9 to 10 pm ET because IRL work.

Holidays I will try to play a game for the Holiday.

Times are subject to change, post will be made beforehand on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HEAVENSARMY777 or Twitter button below.
Fun Commands For Chat
COMMANDS: !commands lists these.

!anime (Shows list of anime/movies I watched via URL link)

!automod (If you think your message shouldn't be blocked by the Twitch's Auto Mod)

!boss (Let's me know there is a boss ahead)

!buff (If I forget to buff or debuff)

!clip (Shows the most recent clip made on Twitch via URL link)

!created (Check when you created your Twitch account)

!commands (Gives you all the commands)

!equip (If I forget to equip stuff)

!facebook (Link to my Facebook page)

!games (Link to the list of games I own)

!heal (Tells me If I forget to heal)

!hide (Tells me to hide)

!instagram (Link to my Instagram page)

!loots (A free way to support this channel)

!mgc (Link to My Gaming Career page)

!noreturn (Tells me the point of no return)

!onetime (Tells me this is a one time only place)

!pet (Referral link to Kappamon)

!played (Link to the list of games I played before)

!rank (Your chat level from Bostismo)

!run (Tells me to run when needed)

!save (If I haven’t saved in a long while)

!scripted (Scripted battle)

!sell (Inventory management if I forget)

!specs (See what equipment I stream with)

!sub (list of games to buy and my wishlist)

!twitch (Link to my Twitch page)

!twitter (Link to my Twitter page)

!uptime (Tells how long I’ve been live)

!whatsnext (Link to games I’m planning to play)

!youtube (Link to my YouTube page)

Angel Kappamon Cat Commands:
!feed (feed the cat)
!dance (give the cat some exercise)
!meow (communication is key)
Doing a few extra things to help this channel activates Angel as well.
Donations Through PayPal
All donations goes towards more games and streaming equipment. I welcome donations anytime big or small, any amount goes a long way to keeping this channel going. Thanks so much if you do donate and wish to show that love.
The Email is a channel email and not a way to contact me.

I hope one day I will have a charity that I could support here as well.
Easy To Follow Chat Rules
1) ABSOLUTELY no racist, homophobic, derogatory, sexist, adult comments that's offensive or hurtful. Topics like religion, politics, personal matters like family and relationships, financial challenges and earnings, gossip and health are not tolerated, here's why. These topics ends chat activity and it makes people sad, angry or feel down, why aren't you considering other peoples feelings? There is more than just you here and in the world so stop and think about that before saying there is no one here. These topics also causes arguments and discussions that has nothing to do with the game I'm playing. If you come back at a later time and do the same thing again, you have a very good chance to be timed out or banned.

2) Continuation of Rule 1. STOPPING CHAT ACTIVITY. I want people here to enjoy the game, game discussion and have a good time. I would love to here your stories about the game I'm playing and some cool things you found or tricks. If your not here for this then you are deliberately breaking both rule 1 and 2. Saying things in a different language since I chat in English does not excuse you and if you continue to use a different language despite being asked to speak English and it being clean will still get you timed out or banned. If we can't communicate your stopping chat activity.

3) Absolutely no spoilers or backseat gaming. Yes this may be an old game, but I may not have played this. I will say on Episode 1 is I played this or not and I will ask you for help when I need it.

4) No spamming or links. Be careful
adding .(period) in between words.

5) The Auto Mods is on strict. Spelling words wrong or saying game words will get blocked. It's okay, just use !automod if you know your message shouldn't be blocked and I will allow it.

6) Swearing. I do not swear and this is a clean family friendly channel. Swearing means your harming more than just me but other families too. Swearing in a different language is not allowed also.

7) For my viewers that show up wither your a regular or new. If some person is bothering you (In My Chat) I can see them and your messages if you asked them to stop. If they continue I will warn them to stop and if they continue they will get timed or banned. I want you to feel safe and comfortable here because I also want that. If your bringing a fight from somewhere's else or a whisper war I can't help you, I have no proof and don't want to coping and pasting that in chat. Take these personal matters to Twitch and ban them that way. Since I was teasing you for fun together, means you teased me first and it's for all good and fun. Let me know if your not a person who likes joking/teasing or sassing, I can't feel or see how you feel from this side of the conversation.

8) Not a rule per se because I know this is live and people can't always find me on episode 1 plus watch every live stream. Asking if I did something or got said item or any other question about past episodes is weird to me. I most likely got or done what your asking and when you show up at a later episode you want to know/catch up. To me this is strange because in my brain we clearly did and there's video proof. I never do that to anyone asking things of their past because I will just go and watch their past episodes/live streams. I know this is asking a lot but I hope you want to see each episode and be attentive like other channels I seen. Most times the viewers know more that the streamer/YouTuber. I would love that if you remembered what I did or didn't do and I will also try to remember to. I hope since repeating myself should be repetitive by now :) that you the viewer/HEAVENLY would answer these questions if I can't type them in chat. To shorten this up, I'm looking for a community that enjoys this channel as much as I do and want to keep it fun/clean family friendly and focused on the game/chat.
Donate In Seconds for FREE
I use loots since a lot of people show up to my streams saying they have no money and I get that. So here i a free way if you with to support this channel.

I'm advertising games for game companies and getting a small amount for it. All you need to do is click the link write what you want in the description and if on phone confirm email when you tip. On pc you might have to prove your not a robot and clicking pictures and then tipping. You can also re tip over and over, it's on a waiting timer though. Click the image to go and check out the game, I promise it's safe.
All my live streaming in neat playlists.