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Hello! Welcome to jurassic, I mean my channel. I am HeadlessNorseman, I am Norwegian, and I been a proud member of Dlive since 08/14/19!

How did I come about streaming? Well, I live a relatively dank lifestyle, therefore I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. Figured I might as well stream it while I'm at it!

What do I stream? Glad you asked! I excel at non pro gaming. I'd also like to expand to IRL streaming as well at a later point, depending on how my fate turns out on here.

If you wanna know more about me then feel free to ask anything. Actually, I encourage you to ask anything!

And last but not least, thanks for watching!
* Be nice to other viewers.

* Respect the moderators.

* Avoid throwing shade on other streamers.

* Racism or discrimination WILL result in a ban.

* Do not blatantly self promote. (entering chat with the sole intention to advertise your own channel)

* No religious or political discussions. They just never end well.

* No nagging about opening the chest!

That is it. Thank you!
I stream on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 PM CET until I feel like I need to get off the computer. If I decide to stream on days where I am not scheduled to stream, then I will inform of that through Twitter and Discord.

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Follow me on twitter for news and updates on when I start streaming and other things.

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ALL donations will go towards improving the stream through upgrading gear and buying new games to play.

Thank you so much for supporting the stream!


1. Tokemogaming - 100LP
2. SlimReaper - 1LP