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Grow uP eSports Macau
I'm one of the members of Grow uP eSports (Macau) and would like to use dlive to share our members gameplays on Street Fighter V + other games and also content related to the Esports events we organize from time to time in Macau, Portugal and worldwide!
Grow uP eSports Portugal
Our big brother Grow uP eSports Portugal was founded about 18 years ago and is one of the oldest esports associations in Portugal and maybe in Europe. Together, we share our resources to our members and community!
GIRLGAMER Esports Festival
Myself, together with some of the Grow uP eSports founding members are also founders of GIRLGAMER Esports Festival!

The festival started in Macau in 2017, then happened again in Lisbon, Portugal in 2018. In 2019, it expanded to numerous locations in including Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Brazil and at last, the Grand Finals will happen soon in Dubai in Feb 2020!
About Myself
I played games since I stopped drinking milk at 2 years old due to lactose intolerance which led me to some interesting diarrhea. So I started Super Mario 2 at two then Street Fighter 2 at five probably a bit illegally in the old school arcades / game centers. I played loads of games, from RPG to fighting games and even adult games. Well, I also did a wide range of sports and random stuff. I play games from time to time, just to relax. Currently playing a sandbox game called Mount & Blade 2, sometimes Street Fighter V (SFV).