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Harry Hall and Nanaboomsickle -- aka Harry & Nana.
How cool is it that we get share our affinity for gaming with you guys?!

Our intention for streaming is to combine our passion for connecting with people, a forum to meet new people, and incorporate our love for competitive gaming.

Ages: 22 & 41
We are a couple and have been together for 3+ years.
What games do we play? FPS/Battle Royal. (Paladins, Overwatch, COD, and Apex Legends, etc.)

Do you stream full time? Yes we do. We both worked in the same professional career until recently when we decided to pursue our passion for creating awesome content for our viewers.

Do you play with Viewers? Yes, but we want to get to know you first, spend some time in our chat for a few hours, and you could see yourself in one of our custom matches, OR if you are super good carry us to a victory in a ranked or comp match(s).

What are you birthdays? Harry's is August 10th and Nana's is December 17th.

What do you do for fun? Since this is our hobby, passion, and career, we have the most fun right here with you. But when we aren't streaming, we enjoy quick travels to the beach, camping, and going random places.

These are unique and trying times right now, so be safe, do not overthink, and try not to read into the negativity. Stay positive

We will get through this TOGETHER!

We live in Portland Oregon.
Join our version of family social media! We offer a safe place for all humans, regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality and everything else in between. Your only requirement for membership is to be a HUMAN.
ALL tips will be reinvested back into the stream. This means higher grand prizes, more webcams, more videos, et cetera.

Donations help the channel but are NOT required or even expected. If you choose to donate they are non-refundable.