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A weird cheesecake loving penguin〜
An animal lover (puppies addict) (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
A Lucid Dreamer (I'm always curious bout these and could discuss with you all day~)

A Gamer since Windows 95 ♫

A lazybutto procrastinator.. (⊃◜⌓◝⊂)

Lots of friends been suggesting and supporting me to try streaming a few years past, though.. I've never got enough motivation to actually try it out!

I always wish to be able to share fun-fun moments/footages that happen during gaming yet I've never got a chance to!


Currently I'm not playing any game seriously aside from a very old MMO called Mabinogi, so I'm sorry if all the stream might be random til we figure out more! :D

—Gaming Timelines
2006-2007: Maple Story 🍁 (My very first MMO)
2007-2009: ROSE ONLINE 🌎
2009-2011: Dragonica 🐲
2014-2015: Aura Kingdom 🦄
2015-2016: CSGO 🔫
2016-2017: Overwatch ☮️
2017-present: Mabinogi (oldschool - yes I know!)

phew~ That was a long list~ ε-(´・`) フ

I have also played lots of other random pew pew games throughout the years~
—Ring of Elysium, Realm Royale, Darwin Project (good Hunger Game theme but I heard it's dying¿ D: ) , PUBG (I'm so shiet at this! :D), etc.


I'm still new to the whole streaming things so I don't know much about all the rules & laws~
Thank you all in advance for guiding me and baring with me through all the steps!

(º) Don't be a meanie potato or you can eat some toy hammer!
(º) Share your cheesecakes (Though It's all mine)
(º) Be a sweet potato is a plus!