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Hardcore Fighters UK - Hardcore 24/7. NSFW
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Who we Are?
Hardcore Fighters UK is a collective of organisers, promoters and artists who have a huge passion for the music, the scene and are committed to raising money for the charity “Children With Cancer UK” through holding regular events in the UK. We are a sub brand of the massive Hardcore Fighters foundation which is based in the Netherlands.

We are not doctors or researchers, we are just a group of people doing what we love and all towards helping make a difference by donating 100% of the ticket sales from our events and merchandise commission directly to the charity.

We don’t want or expect anything at all in return for what we do, it is our processing of sadness, the anger through powerlessness, that we never forget and we realise that there are now people who wish only 1 thing in their struggle for life and that is to fight with every ounce of power they have.

This is hardcore against cancer, this is our fight to move on again, this is life for our music.

Hardcore Fighters UK Page: https://www.facebook.com/hardcorefightersuk/

Hardcore Fighters Main Page:
What you will find here.
Here you will find a great range of music which falls under the HARDCORE banner. From the early Techno/Breakbeat beginnings to the more modern face melting styles.

A selection of sets specially selected by our residents, footage from our Hardcore Fighters events (UK & NL) and also sets sent in by our content contributors and guest DJ's.

We also have a fun little community of fans of the music and the scene from around the world.

If you would like to be a content contributor, give us a shout here or drop us a message on our main Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hardcorefightersuk/
How to support us.
There are many ways in which you can help us as a brand and community grow and show your support.

- Help us grow, You can always help us grow by inviting your friends to DLive and give our channel a follow https://dlive.tv/Hardcore_Fighters_UK or spreading the word amongst other DLive users.

- Be active, An active chat is a happy chat and if you are active in the chat more of those juicy lemons build up in the chest. Every now and again we will distribute those amongst the views as a little thanks.

- Lemons. As a charity brand we fund all our Hardcore Fighters events ourselves and donate 100% of the proceeds from the events to Children With Cancer UK. So a little help so we can hold events more frequent, no matter how small is always greatly appreciated so GET THROWING THOSE LEMONS ;)

- Donation. You can also help us by donating to the Hardcore Fighters UK channel via the LINO currency. If you feel you can help support us in this way, please send your donations to - dlive-ijoujmbmmd
Our DJ's
At Hardcore Fighters UK we have a great selection of DJ's on our resident list for our events and also regular contributors to our Radio shows and Hardcore Fighters UK TV.

D-Crypter - Founder of Hardcore Fighters UK and resident.

DJ Smurf - The Master of DENG and resident.

DJ UEP - On The Rave with Addie and Gav Founder and resident.

Rigamortis DJ - Pusher of all things speeds and resident.

DJ Kickswitch - Content contributor.

Shortkickz - Content contributor.

Exomni - Content contributor.

E-Villian - Mistress of the Millennium and resident.

DJ Riddles - Multi deck master and resident.

DJ Skyline - Content contributor.

DJ Moz-B - The Lord of the early beats and breaks and resident.

DJ Chosen Few - Absolute Hardcore Legend and resident.

Rawtech - Our Jolly Hardcore Giant and resident.

DJ Pez - Part of the HCF UK main team, lover of all that is techno and resident.

Joker - Part of the HCF UK main team, founder of Shot2Fuck and resident.

DJ Sc@r - Our adopted OZ onto team UK, pusher of those happy grooves and resident.

Hellboy - Resident