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About me ...
I am a loud, hyper, giggly, fun, goofy, larping, streamer.
I am not for everyone, but I love what I do, and why not do what you love, right? :) I have random content and people keep coming back and the ones who do are so fun! They make my stream fun for not just me but for others.

The perks:
I have awesome friends! Which I am lucky to have in my life.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly. Actually, friendly in general with almost anyone.

I have learned so much during almost a year being here. I have learned that I am very giving and compassionate when it comes to the ones closest to me and them needing someone to talk to. I am not a counselor but I will always care until I cannot because they cannot.

I have good things coming my way and sooner or later I will not be streaming. So, I enjoy it when I can stream and talk to you guys or goof around and play a game and be silly. :)

Again, I am not for everyone but I am pretty fun!

I am also on Twitch.
⭐Please understand this is my live and my chat.

⭐Be kind to me and my mods! Mods have actions to timeout or ban. They are protective.
⭐No self-promoting unless I ask you.
⭐No harassing/Racism/Trolling/etc. I don't have time for silliness.
⭐No politics / religious things in the chat -I am not disrespecting your beliefs or ideas but not here, please, and thank you.
⭐If you know me personally, please don't put my info out there. In my chat or anyone else's.
Lessons I have learned...
1. Money does not buy friends. This goes with IRL and online friends.
2. The truth will set you free.
3. You cannot please everyone so do you for yourself.
4. Being neutral and not picking sides is sometimes best.
5. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.
6. It is okay to protect your energy and things that really matter to you. You don't owe everyone answers. <3
7.Sometimes you have to let someone go so they can get better and you can get better.
8.Breaking bad habits for people is hard same for me but if you keep making excuse for them and not taking accountability for actions you will end up nowhere.
9. If you are disliked by 5 people on the net, you may be doing something right? Maybe... not always the case for some but sometimes it is. Words from another streamer.
10. A readily listening ear can also be a running mouth.

11. You can have decent talks without politics and religion coming into play. For real, it can be a beautiful conversation.