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Hey there, I'm Dakota, I'm a 24-year old musician and streamer from the US, and I am a variety streamer. I try my best to play relevant games of today while mixing in a few good oldies! I also will occasionally do music streams where I play guitar and I will take requests!

Sunday @ 10 PM Eastern Standard Time

Monday @ 10 PM Eastern Standard Time

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday @ 10 PM Eastern Standard Time

Thursday @ 10 PM Eastern Standard Time

Friday: Off

Saturday: TBA (Bonus Day)

1. Please respect one another.

This means no racial slurs, no bullying, and no spamming or harassing Dakota for any reason. Any attempt to circumvent this, such as creating new accounts, will result in a ban, as well as a report. If the ability to ban IPs is possible, then that will be the course of action.

2. Please, no backseat gaming.

As much as you think you would be helping me, I would appreciate you keep that to a minimum. Hints are fine, provided they aren't literally holding my hand and telling me exactly what to do to complete the game. We will warn you first, but if you don't get the message, we will kick you, and then if you still do not understand, we will have no choice but to ban you.

3. No spoilers.

If this is a blind playthrough, I advise that you do not spoil anything within this game. I will not know a single thing going into those games. And I do not want any of the experience ruined. Doing so will result in a instant-ban.

4. Please do not talk about your age in chat.

This is an 18+ stream. So, if you are planning to watch this stream and you are under that age, do not tell us you are under said age. If you reveal your age and you are under 18, then you will be banned until you are of age to be here.

5. This is an English-Only channel.

I personally cannot speak any other languages fluently other than English, so I would recommend that you, the viewer only speak English. It's not that we do not enjoy your company, but I do not understand your language and it would be difficult for me to be able to understand you.

6. Please do not spam chat.

This is kind of an unspoken rule, but please don't spam chat with the same messages. First, we will warn you, then we will kick, then ban if persisted.

7. Please do not beg to be a moderator.

I make the rules on who I believe should have the power to be moderators. Please respect that. If you beg, we will warn you, then kick you, and then we will ban you if it persists.

8. Do not doxx people.

If you release personal information on anyone here in the server without their permission, you will be banned.