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Yo yo ! Welcome ! :D
My name is Niels aka Herar, 21 Years old. Born & Raised in Belgium. My native language is Dutch.
I never planned to start streaming, I always wanted to make YouTube videos (since the good old Runescape days with the Unregistered Hypercam 2 & Windows Movie Maker) But after making this account just to watch others I loved to see how you could interact with viewers. That's why I started streaming myself & Play a lot with my viewers. I never liked to play by myself and Twitch was an awesome way to find people to play with.
Now i'm more focused on streaming than making videos, because I love streaming way more than I expected, thanks to all of you legends comming to my stream <3 I am still trying to make YouTube videos, wich include a lot of streamed content, so I would say the best place to be is here ;)
If you want to stay up-to-date with what's going on, if you like to join us off-stream, if you like to get a notification when I start streaming you should join the discord ! Feel free to PM me any questions !

Click on the banner or [HERE]( https://discord.gg/cMex83F ) to go to my Discord

Click [HERE]( https://streamelements.com/herar/tip ) or the picture Above to Donate

It's finally here !
The donate button!
After more than a year of streaming I decided to put a donation button here after a few requests

Also... Text to Speech is on for 2$ & higher, don't do stupid stuff with it.
I will regret this (but for real, keep TOS in mind otherwise I'll have to skip & ban you)
Epic Games Creator code: HERAR
If you buy from the Epic Games store & use my code HERAR please Tweet me or send me on Discord so I can personally thank you <3
I have a YouTube channel where I upload Highlights & such once in a while. I'm not that active on it anymore since my main focus is streaming. Click on the banner or click [HERE]( https://www.youtube.com/herar ) to check my YouTube channel out!
Feel free to Tweet/PM me on twitter. For the rest I don't tweet much, I only tweet when something unusual happens (for example if i'll be gone for while etc...)
i'll answer to every tweet ASAP !

Click on the banner or [HERE]( https://twitter.com/Herar_Gaming ) to go to my twitter